Let your skin glow

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Ever noticed how, whatever is going on in our life seems to show on our face? If we’re stressed, we can expect acne and dark circles under our eyes. If we’re dehydrated, our skin looks dry and flaky. If we’re sick, our face appears pale. Eat or drink too much and we wake up with puffy skin. But get a stretch of feeling great, exercising, eating right, and we positively glow with health.Well, there’s a reason for that. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, to be exact. Whatever goes on in the inside shows up on the outside. This is the million dollar question that raises among most of the people mostly all the human in this planet wants to look younger and get healthy skin.

Consume the right type of drinks and your will both improve your health and enhance your beauty.These are the main beverages that are good for your skin. Let your skin glow!

1. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice
Aloe vera is a powerful healer in every sense of the word. It is hard to maintain your natural beauty without using beauty products that contain aloe vera as their main ingredient.However, applying the product to your skin is not the only way to benefit from this wonderful plant. You can also drink its juice. It is said that aloe vera juice has excellent detoxifying properties.



2. Water

images (4)Without water there wouldn’t be life. That’s the most important element in our diet. If you don’t drink enough water (sodas do not count!), you cannot expect your health to be good. So hydrate yourself from inside first. Every cell of your body needs plenty of water. Water washed out toxins and makes your organism clean. It also moisturizes your skin and makes it look and feel soft. Water delivers vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that we get from our food to every single cell of our body. If you want to find out whether you consume enough water, test your urine. If it is light yellow, then everything is alright, if your urine is of darkershades, it indicates that you do not provide your body with enough water.


3. Black Tea

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Black tea is made from the same plant as greentea, hence it is as healthy as green tea. Black tea contains a few times as many antioxidants as vegetables and fruits. It tones you up, figtstired skin and combats puffy eyes. Drink black tea if you want to improve your complexion.Please consume black tea in moderation since it contains a lot of caffeine.





4. Soy Milk

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The discoloration of the skin can be prevented by drinking soy milk. The natural components that soy milk contains fights wrinkles and fine lines hence you look younger.





5. Almond Milk Latte and Macha Green Tea

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Combin green tea with almond milk. This unique blend is not only delicious. It is alsohealthy for your skin! The drink will nourish your skin and provide your body withantioxidants. One cup of this beverage equals to 10 cups of plain green tea! Almond milk isgood if your dream is to have glowing and radiant skin. Thanks to vitamins and minerals thatthe drink contains you will notice that your skin has improved.


To be continued….

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