How To Select A Perfect Color Scheme For Bedroom?

images (1)Most personal and private area in house is our bedroom. So its should be designed and decorated properly.Besides giving importance to various other factors such as the bed and furniture, the factor that deserves equal consideration is the walls of the room. Though one may not pay attention to walls of the bedroom during a day, but it is the first thing which is viewed as one wakes up or is stared before one dozes off to.

Choosing of the bedroom paint color is a intimidating task and there are several factors that should be considered before a color is finalized. Here is a list of tips to choose a bedroom paint color.images (6)

1) Select with the feel you wish to create in your bedroom

Each color shade is known to create a different mood and feel, for instance , red or pink color is the perfect selection for passion and romance, green is linked with nature and promotes tranquility, etc. We choose that color what related with our imaginations. Like relaxed, romantic, passionate, sober, sophisticated atmosphere or something else.

2) Consider the style and color scheme of the current furnishings and furniture.

The color of the wall should match well with the d├ęcor of the room. The easiest way to arrow down on the color scheme is to consider the color of the current furnishings and furniture way.

3) Decide upon the size of your bedroom

For small bedroom, light and neutral colors would be the ideal selection. If you have a large bedroom, you can experiment with bright color hues. The most important factors that need to be considered is the size of your bedroom. A small bedroom will appear smaller if the walls are painted in a dark color.

4) More color with accents.images (4)

A single color looks very boring in bedroom. At the same time this does not imply that one should make use of a palette of colors. Paint an accent wall in different color, or you may also introduce colorful accent pieces such as vibrant pillows and blankets. The best way to add color is through accent wall or accent pieces.

5) Try the color.

Get sample colors and have them painted on a corner of the wall before the final selection. Try the color first on the wall so that later regrets can be avoided.

Enjoy the atmosphere of bedroom which you create by your imaginations with the color scheme.






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